Boxwood Chessmen

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MusicFest ’17, ’18 & ’19 + Gala Concert 2019

Four very experienced folk musicians coming together to create something very special.

It started with a gig.In the summer of 2016 a scratch band was formed for a one off event and out of the chrysalis of simple necessity,emerged a joyous mix of Retro, Americana, Jazz, Folk and whatever else took our fancy on the day , giving rise to a style which has become known to the band as “gloriana”.

The Boxwood Chessmen are:-
Penni McLaren Walker – Lead vocals, Guitars, Bouzouki, Whistles, kazoo, Accordion and percussion, not necessarily all at the same time.
Hector Ringtone, AKA Steve Collins – Vocals, E-Melodeon, Melodeon, Ukulele, harmonica, guitar, kazoo and percussion. (He misses Whicker Island.)
John Campbell Armer – Vocals, bass, guitars, percussion and other noises.
Bryan Causton – Vocals, mandolin, guitar, bouzouki and percussion.