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UPDATE on MusicFest 2020

The Creative Royston Management Committee decided in early June that, owing to the Covid-19 virus situation,  it would no longer be possible to hold a festival following the usual format. It had been hoped that some live gigs might take place but unfortunately the usual Royston MusicFest venues are not clear when they might be able to host live gigs or even open in some cases.
The focus will now be on planning an online MusicFest featuring specially commissioned sets from a variety of artists. Further details will be announced when available so watch this space in the coming weeks for more information.
In the meantime, beginning Saturday 2nd May  2020, a Royston MusicFest “CD of the Week” will be chosen and purchased. The purpose is to provide a small bit of support to (primarily MusicFest) musicians during the corona virus lockdown period, until at least the folk clubs start opening again. If anyone wishes to join in this initiative they will be most welcome and their “CD of the Week” will also be publicised on this website and the Royston MusicFest Facebook page and YouTube Channel.
The “CD of the Week” for 25th July is ‘Here’s Something’ by False Colours.  You can see a video of one track ‘Make Yourself A Sandwich’ using this link   and purchase the CD by following this link to their website.
The “CD of the Week” for 18th July is ‘Seven’ by Lizzy Hardingham.  You can see a video of one track ‘King of the Boundless Deep’ using this link   (plus there are others in the MusicFest Artists Playlist) and purchase the CD by following this link to Lizzy’s website.
Earlier ‘CDs of the Week’ can be found by following the link to the right.
Stay well and keep checking this or the festival website for the latest news.
Best wishes from Carl and all at CRMC.